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About Us

Inspection Gauge

The inspection gauge that anyone can be that easily and quickly and accurately to determine acceptance/rejection of a product.

We can support Automobile Parts, Motorcycle Parts, OA-Parts, or Other.

Jig Fixture

We can product every case of Jig Fixture.

And, can be design, production and inspection.

High Precision Parts Cutting

Even if processing difficult shape in general, we can produce quick delivery, high quality by the Multi-axis machining and own distinctive processing methods and the pursuit of quality in the process.

Prototype Machine Process

We are capable of precision machining for one Products or a wide-variety small-lot production.

Vacuum Casting

It’s process for use Proto Type and low volume massproduction. 
We can be choice the Material in ABS, PP, PE, Rubber, Acryl Clear etc.
There is use for the reproduction instead of the metal mold. 
It is a technology that pours the resin in the vacuum for the type, and produces the reproduction. It makes it to the vacuum. 
The completed reproduction can be very high accuracy, and produce the reproduction for a short term low-cost compared with the metal mold.

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